Quik Cash™ offers payday loans through its locations throughout Atlantic Canada.
Established in 1995, Quik Cash™ has been offering cheque cashing services for cashing personal post-dated cheques.
This service became know as the cheque advance™ service or payday cheque advance™ service which allowed
customers to write personal post-dated cheque to receive money today and is now commonly referred to as payday loans.

Since 1995, we have perfected the service customers have come to expect offering them fast, friendly, convenient
and affordable payday loans. Over time we’ve change to make it easier for customer to get a payday loan including
accepting pre-authorized debit forms, eliminating the need for cheques by setting up automatic debits for all customers we’re making payday loans more accessible.

Since June 2010 we have been upgrading our systems and developing new ones.
We believe that Quik Cash™ is now poised to become the leader in the payday loan industry.
Thank you for your interest in Quik Cash™ and I look forward to working with you in the near future.


Ron Lawrence